What is Precis Writing? Example of Precis Writing

What is Precis Writing? Example of Precis Writing.

What is Precis Writing? Example of Precis Writing

What is Precis Writing? Features, Advantages, Tips and an Example of Precis Writing

The word “Precis” is originally from French. The English term “precis” is taken from this French word. Precis writing is essential when you want to concise a large paragraph into fewer words without changing its origin. It explains the whole scenario and context without exaggeration. Let’s learn what is writing precisely and how you can do it.

In this type of writing, we summarize a story or an event in limited words. It explains the whole scenario and context without exaggeration. Paragraphs are to-the-point and they can tell the origin of the whole story while summarizing the story effectively. It is a vital and in-demand writing skill. Schools and colleges also teach this basic writing skill.

In terms of writing style, the material should be clear, with effective sentences, and the grammar should be excellent. Unnecessarily long sentences should be avoided, and transitions from one point to another should be clear and consistent. Finally, the paragraph should be coherent in its content and presentation.

Following are some of its important features.

Features of Precis Writing

Objectivity: Good precis paragraph keeps one main theme. Irrelevant information damages objectivity.

Clarity: The summary must be clear and brief, with no extra words or phrases.

Accuracy: Paraphrasing the main paragraph is not precis writing. The writer should make sure the information in the paragraph is accurate and relevant.

Fidelity: The summary should be faithful to the original document, including all important information. This means that it must not exclude any important details from the text or mix two separate ideas into a single statement.

Completeness: A precis paragraph must be thorough in order to convey a full understanding of the original material, even if it is concise and brief.


Tips for Precis Writing

  • Use a relevant title.
  • Start with the main theme of the paragraph, so the reader finds it interesting and informative about the certain topic.
  • Do not put irrelevant information in the precis paragraph. It will damage the rules of writing.
  • Think about all the main points and write them in a sequence.
  • The purpose of the precis paragraph should be clear.
  • The paragraph should clear the writer’s objective. The origin of the main topics should not be changed.
  • Make sure to limit your paragraph to a certain word count.
  • Use past tenses to write historical facts.
  • The above tips for precis writing can help you improve it really fast.


Avoid These in Your Writing

  • The length of the precis paragraph should be shorter than the main passage.
  • Generally it should be one third of the original text.
  • Do not criticize whatever is written in the main passage.
  • Do not include your own opinion while writing a precis.
  • Avoid using your imagination and only write what is already explained in the main paragraph
  • Do not increase the size of the paragraph more than the main one.
  • Do not ask questions or use question marks in your paragraph
  • Avoid using abbreviations and use easy vocabulary
  • Cover the whole passage. Do not focus on just one point.


Advantages of Precis Writing

It makes your text easier to understand. Being precis with your wording gives readers extra chances to read the information they may have missed the first time. This is one of the main advantages of precis writing.

There is a low chance of misunderstanding. It will make sure your objective is clear and understandable.

The advantages of precis writing are that it improves your professionalism and makes you appear concerned. It gives you a professional tone that impresses people during business dealings.

‘No detail is missed’ is another main advantage of precis writing. If a precis paragraph is perfect, it covers every detail of the main passage.


Example of Precis Writing

Below is the paragraph and we will make its precis at the end of the paragraph.


Hunger does not mean skipping one meal or meals for an entire day. It shows that there is never enough food. It means that after eating something, you are not full, and you could eat at least as much again. It also implies that you are constantly worried about where your next meal will come from; if there will be one at all. Arthur Hoperaft of the Guardian said for starving children after visiting a nutrition center in Kenya, “They are the children whose eyes stare as if blind, whose legs and arms are like sticks of liquor ice, who neither cry nor laugh and who weigh 10 lb. at the age of two years

Precis of the above paragraph

Hunger means not having enough food to eat. Hunger and being hungry for a while are not the same. Hunger makes you worry about your next meal. In Kenya, there is a great shortage of food. It affects the children mostly. They are not having proper nutrition for survival.


Writing a precis is one of the important writing skills. You have learned many important details along with tips for precis writing. It will help you in business writing and in college as well. To write perfectly, first, you will have to read lots of precis writing samples then grab a pen and start practicing.

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