Worthy Tutor’s Policy for Online Classes

Worthy Tutors

Worthy Tutors is an educational platform that facilitates students to find a suitable tutor. We created an open platform where students can contact directly with tutors without creating an account. To create a friendly environment, we have laydown few guidelines for tutors and students.    

Here are key points and guidelines for online tuition classes.

Payment Policy

  1. At Worthy Tutors, all tutors get 80% of the charged fee.
  2. Students are not allowed to send payment directly to their tutor. 
  3. Students who pay directly to any tutor, they cannot claim a refund.
  4. Students are to submit only one-month fee in advance after taking a demo class.

For detailed payment information, WhatsApp at: +923210337799.

Payment Refund Policy

  1. If a student is not satisfied from his tutor, he can ask for a change of tutor or refund within seven days. We will replace a tutor for him/her or return 70% of the fee. 
  2. If a student attends classes over 7 days, he cannot apply for a refund.

Instructions for Tutors.

  1. Ensure perfect teaching environment like good internet connectivity, webcam, speakers, appropriate light, noiseless surroundings, and alternative to light failure.
  2. Do not provide demo classes more than one class.
  3. If a tutor receives multiple students and have no time to manage, refer them here, we will pay him commissions for referrals.
  4. Always teach with a smiling face. Do not use harsh/abusive language.
  5. If a tutor unable to continue classes, he can refer the student to us. We will recommend him/her another suitable tutor.

Instructions for Students

  1. If any tutor is not taking classes properly, the student should contact us for the change of tutor.
  2. Do not ask for more than one demo class.
  3. Class duration should be 1 hour.
  4. Observe proper class timings.
  5. Co-operate with your tutors.

Reviews about Tutors

  1. Anyone can give a review at the end of a tutors profile in comments section. 

Remain in contact with other tutors and establish a Caring Worthy Tutor’s Family. Always suggest this platform to your students, fellows, and relatives.