How to Deal With Grammar Errors in Your Writing?

How to Deal With Grammar Errors in Your Writing?

How to Deal With Grammar Errors in Your Writing?

The grammar of English language remained an enigma for the students since its emergence as an international language. Everyone has a dream to make a piece of errorless writing. But it is very difficult until you take it as a goal and struggle to achieve it. There is nothing impossible in this world.

There are many areas in English writing and one may be very strong in one area and may be weak in any other. The main areas in grammar include; spellings, Punctuations, capitalization, and sentence structure.

There are some preset rules that drive grammar and no one is able to memories such a lengthy rules. Then how it is possible to avoid grammar mistakes in your writing. We will provide you some useful tips to master your grammar skills.

Here are some useful tips to come over grammar mistakes.

 Set Your Learning Goals:

First of all, you have to set a goal to achieve it. Your definite goal is to achieve master skills in writing. You must prepare a list of your weak areas e.g. grammar, spelling, or punctuation and set a goal to master your grammar mistakes. Prepare well before you leap to turn a dream into reality.

Get a grammar Book or manual

Books and manuals are a great source of information. No one can memories all the rules but at any stage you have to rely on books and manuals. It can be very useful when you start to make a perfect piece of writing.

During writing, when you will stuck at any point, you can refer to that manual. In this way, your writing will not be paused and it will help you next time without referring to that manual.

 Keep one thing in your mind that ask your trainer or instructor to suggest a book for you. Do not choose a book at your own choice because your teacher can suggest a better book or manual depending on your capability.

Use Online Resources:

You are living in an era of gadgets and tools. Artificial Intelligence have made enormous advancement in every field. Now you can check and analyze your works with the help of different software, apps, and websites. You could check for errors using them too.  Here are few tips to utilize online resources:

  • Use a tool or software to check spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Read online books from any trusted website
  • Watch video lessons from YouTube
  • Hire any online tutor for assistance

Give lots of time to read and write.

You may have heard about a common saying that: “Listening improves speaking skills and reading improves writing skills.” One of the best ways to improve writing skills is to read extensively and write as much as possible. Build a habit of writing regularly. You may maintain a dairy where you can log your all activities of the day before going to bed. You may practice story writing.

By the way, “reading” means real books, articles, and other texts that are authentic source that will turn you toward professional writers. Regular practice of writing will naturally improve the correctness of your writing. Make a careful selection for material to read.

Try a Few Different Proofreading Tools

Proofreading is the activity in which a reader reread his writing after completion in order to find if there is any mistake. There can be still a chance that one cannot find all the mistakes even after proofreading. There are multiple proofreading tool that you can use to find grammar mistakes in your writing.

Some of the best proofreading tools are:

  • Grammarly
  • ProWriting Aid
  • Hemingway App
  • Ginger Software
  • WhiteSmoke
  • PaperRater
  • LanguageTool
  • SlickWrite

Avoid Spelling Errors

Wrong spelling can cause a big mess and can spoil the meaning of the whole sentence. If you are unsure about spelling of any word, check it before from your dictionary.

The most important point to remember is that always follow one language variety. If you are writing in British or from a country that follow British writing style. Spell word in that way. Because there is difference between American and British spelling for some words. If you are writing in American form, follow all spelling as Americans write.

Punctuate well

Punctuation marks create a beauty and harmony in sentences. They also deliver different moods like either a statement is a just an information, a command, a negation, or a question mark.  A misplaced punctuation mark can change the entire sense of a statement. There are limited punctuation marks in English grammar. You must be familiar with all punctuation marks. If you are weak at punctuations, always consult your manual before you use a critical punctuation mark.

Play Word Games to improve vocabulary

English language has a rich and profound vocabulary. A writer should definitely try to use new words to enhance his writing. Vocabulary is the essential element to write a good piece of writing. The choice of words depends on vocabulary stock you have. If you have limited words in your mind, you can’t write well. You have to improve your vocabulary to avoid spelling mistakes.

Learning vocabulary has been become pretty much easy with a variety of tools, software, websites, and gadgets. Playing different vocabulary games on smart gadgets will increase your comprehension and will hone your writing skills in an interesting way.

Don’t Write Too Fast

Time matters in every field of life. The current era has engaged human being in such a way that they hardly manage time to relax and sleep. Everyone is in hurry and they make mistakes in their works. You see several examples in your life e.g. traffic accidents occur mostly due to impatiens and hurry. In the same way, when a writer hurry to complete his writing, he makes mistakes. Sometimes, due to shortage of time, they do not make a proof read and submit their work.

So, always write when you are in a relax mode. Do not write or type too fast. Take a pause during writing. Once you write a paragraph, read it to comprehend the flow of your writing.

Find Reference Resources To Improve:

No one can be perfect in any field. There is always a room for improvement. Especially, in the field of writing, there is no end to learning. You must have a library where you can spend few hours in a week at least. These library books are great reference resources for you especially when you are in a doubt and want to find a solution of a problem.

Read Out Loud

Once you complete your piece of writing. Read it aloud to yourself. Re-reading your pieces aloud could be a smart way to find grammar mistakes in your writing. Reading aloud is a cross-check that when you read out aloud a piece of writing either to yourself or to someone else it can be really helpful in evaluating your writing.

Get Someone Else To Read Your Material:

When you write a story or any other piece of writing, never forget to share it to your fellows to ask them to read it. They will definitely highlight if there is any grammar mistake. Your fellows may be able to see your work more objectively and highlight any errors you may have missed.

Accept Criticism Gracefully:

It is very difficult to acknowledge own mistake in front of others but when you made an error and someone points you out that that you are wrong, appreciate him for correcting you. If you resist on your own opinion, next time no one will guide you for your mistakes.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

To improve your writing skills, you have to keep working on your language. Write regularly. Read your written work after few days and try to improve them. Note down your mistakes and learn from them. If your grammar is strong it has the overall ability to improve your writing.

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