How To Score 9 Band In IELTS Writing Task?

IELTS Writing Test

How to Score 9 Band in IELTS Writing Test?

Are you considering to study abroad for an undergraduate or postgraduate course? Then writing IELTS [International English Language Testing System] must be at the top of your list.

Clearing IELTS writing test may get tedious, but don’t you worry! Here are some mind-boggling, effortless hacks, which will definitely get you a straight score of 9 band in the writing test!

There will be two writing tasks given to be completed within 60 minutes. The tasks given are usually writing an open-letter, and essays. This test will challenge your writing skills thoroughly, starting from grammar, vocabulary to the pace of your writing.

5 hacks to Score a 9 Band in IELTS Writing Test!

Here are 5 hacks to score 9 band in IETS writing test. 

1) Brainstorming The Question:

It’s often seen among-st students, to worry about the time frame given to complete the task. In this process, peers are bound to overlook the question given, and get onto attempting the question, this is where they deviate.

First step should be examining the question thoroughly. This step is an essential step because until you get the grip, it will be difficult to proceed further. Next Make a list of points to add, come up with various ideas to present using elegant words, and play with words.

2) Mastering the Framework of Essay and Open-letter

As we already have an idea of what categories of question will be asked, that will be Essay and Open-Letter, then we definitely can master the structure of the above, in a content way.

Memorizing it will only benefit our writing in the main-examination, as we don’t have to spend time in thinking about the formats, and can directly get onto our writing. It is keystone for cracking these tasks.

3) Presentation:

Presentation counts! YES IT DOES. Having a neat presentable paper will only attract the evaluator, to read more and more. Keeping the teacher intact with your writing is very important, if the writing is legible, with a good handwriting, not many spelling mistakes then it gets easy for the evaluator to go through your paper and give the deserving marks.

Organizing the write ups is important too, it looks clean and understandable and gets you a plus point write there!

4) Grammar and Vocabulary:

The most fundamental, yet essential element in every writing required is correct grammar and vocabulary. Construction of correct on-point sentences come along with the rightness of your grammar. With good grammar and vocabulary it only makes you build your reputation higher in front of the evaluator.

Practice will make you perfect in grammar and vocabulary , and there is no other go for it. It’s the make or break element in this examination.

5)Time-Management & Tallying the Number of Words:

Keeping a check on the amount of words you use is another important factor, do not exceed the word limit, it will not only cost you marks but also your time!. Time-Management is endlessly exhausting point to keep in mind during any exam, but there is no other go!

Missing out on any question is definitely not the answer. Not attempting a question due to various reasons will only mean failure, yes failure. So, Time-Management is the key to success!

Here were some effortless methods to crack IELTS! If you follow these, then a 9 band score awaits you! All The Best!

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