Understanding the Difference Between Appraise and Apprise

Appraise vs Apprise (pair of words)

Differences Between “Appraise” and ” Apprise”

The English language is replete with words that sound similar but have different meanings. Two such words are “appraise” and “apprise.” While they may be confused due to their pronunciation, each word has a distinct meaning and usage.


Pronunciation of Appraise

Appraise (uh-PREYZ): /əˈpreɪz/

 Meanings of Appraise

To “appraise” is to assess the value, quality, or significance of something. It involves forming a judgment or estimation, often based on careful examination or analysis.

 Synonyms of Appraise

  • Evaluate
  • Assess
  • Estimate
  • Gauge
  • Determine

 Etymology and Explanation of Appraise

The verb “appraise” is derived from the Anglo-French term “preiser,” which means “to prize, praise.” It is used to assess the value or quality of an object, often in a professional context such as real estate, finance, or art. An appraisal is a critical step in transactions involving valuable items because it determines their market value.


Appraise is used in contexts where the assessment of value, quality, or condition is required.

Example of Appraise in Sentences

  • The expert appraised the painting at over $1 million.
  • Before buying the house, they had it appraised.
  • The manager appraised her team’s performance for the quarter.
  • It’s important to appraise the risks involved in the investment.


Pronunciation of Apprise

Apprise (uh-PRYZ): /əˈpraɪz/

Meaning of Apprise

To “apprise” means to inform or notify someone of something. It involves imparting knowledge or providing updates on a particular situation or development.

Etymology and Explanation of Apprise

On the other hand, “apprise” comes from the Old French “apris,”  past participle of “aprendre,” meaning “to teach.” It is a verb that means to inform or notify someone, usually about a specific situation or piece of information. The term emphasizes the act of keeping someone up-to-date of pertinent information.

Synonyms of Apprise

Inform, notify, update, brief, communicate


Apprise is used when one needs to inform someone about an event, situation, or piece of information.

Examples of apprise in Sentences

  • The officer apprised the commander of the latest developments.
  • I must apprise you of the changes in the schedule.
  • The CEO was apprised of the merger’s potential impact.
  • Please apprise the committee of your decision.

Key Differences Between “Appraise” and ” Apprise”

While both “appraise” and “apprise” involve assessment or communication, their fundamental distinction lies in their objectives. “Appraise” pertains to evaluating value or quality, while “apprise” focuses on informing or updating individuals about a particular matter.


In summary, while “appraise” and “apprise” may sound similar, they serve very different purposes. “Appraise” is about evaluating the worth of something, whereas “apprise” is about informing someone. Remembering this distinction is crucial for clear and effective communication.

Fill in the Blank Exercise on “Appraise” and ” Apprise”

  • Before making any decisions, it’s crucial to _____ the situation thoroughly. (Appraise/Apprise)
  • The manager will _____ the team of the upcoming changes in the project timeline. (Appraise/Apprise)
  • It’s essential to _____ the true cost of the investment before proceeding. (Appraise/Apprise)
  • Could you please _____ me of any updates regarding the meeting schedule? (Appraise/Apprise)

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