How to Create a Perfect Online Tutor Profile?

Best profile photo for tutor profile

How to Create a Tutor Profile?

Once you have decided that tutoring is the perfect profession for you after completion of your education. You also have researched the relevant curriculum areas, you will need to find some students to put your dream into practice. For teaching online, creation of an online tutor profile is the first step that looks difficult. Making a tutor profile is tricky but not difficult. We have created this article to help tutors to attract new students for online tuition by creating a Tutor Profile.

Two main sections of a profile are: a profile picture and Tutor’s bio. We will discuss both sections. Moreover, we will also discuss many other factors that have impacts on a tutor profile.


Choose an Attractive and Professional Profile Picture

Students are often quick to judge a tutor by their profile picture. Your profile picture reveals how kind and serious you are towards students. There are a lot of aspects that should be considered for a good and attractive profile picture for an online professional tutor. Here are a few things to make your profile picture stand out:

  1. Wear professional clothes: Clothes have many roles in attraction. Be tricky while choosing a dress. Wear a dress according to your audience, if you’re targeting to teach adults, for instance, go for a business casual look. On the other hand, choose to wear bright colors if you want to attract young learners or their parents.
  2. Choose bright colors: Do not choose like an all-black or an all-white shirt! Choose colors in contrast but avoid wearing sequins or any heavily embellished garments.
  3. Smile while taking a shot: A smile is what you hear by all photographers when taking a shot. A smile on face will make you look friendly and approachable. Don’t spread out all the teeth but try to smile in your most warm way. A smiling face is much more attractive and will make you look approachable and confident, plus it instantly sends out positive vibes.
  4. Simple and light background: Go easy on the picture background colors; keep the background either white or grey. Avoid taking pictures with a garden or a busy shopping street or a restaurant in the background. They can make you look frivolous. There should be no mirror or views like kitchen or bathroom door opened at background.
  5. Look at the camera: Look at camera to make your picture more attractive. Don’t look down or aside while taking a shot. If you are sitting on an office chair, place your elbows on the table with both hand together with a smile on face. If you are writing, you can look down but don’t lean too much so that face is not fully visible.  
  6. Optimal lighting: People/students want to see your face rather than other things. Take shot where sufficient light is. There should be no light like sun or bulb at background that can fade your photo and there should be no dazzling light in front of you that might dazzle your eyes.
  7. Graduation cap: Pictures that you shot at your graduation ceremony can be pretty attractive. School Pride, badges, shirt, sash are also bonus points for a perfect profile picture for a tutor.
  8. Picture size: Size of picture matters a lot. Your profile picture should show your face from the shoulder up. Do not take a shot from a long distance. Your both shoulder should be visible in the picture. Do not crop only face that will look baffling and unprofessional.
  9. Post recent photo: Make sure that you are posting your recent photo. Do not post old photos that do not match your current appearance. If you have a beard, your photo must be with a beard. If you have short hair, your photo should be also with short hair. 


Profile Picture for Females Having Privacy Concerns

Males are always confident in uploading a profile picture but there is always an element of hesitation for females when it comes to upload their own profile photo. They should follow following tips when uploading photo. But remember that, place your own picture. 

  • If females have fear of misuse of photo, they should upload only headshot (only face) rather than a full body image.
  • They can upload their picture in a scarf, wearing a mask, or putting a veil on their face.
  • They should avoid uploading HD images, because they are easy to edit and transform.
  • Black & White image is pretty safe and also looks attractive. They can convert their image into black and white before uploading.   


How to Write a Strong Bio/Description for a Tutor Profile?

When you are writing a teachers’ bio, limit yourself to introduce yourself according to your profession and describe shortly what you are going to offer to your students. While you want to present yourself as a professional in your teacher profile, remember that you also have to connect with learners and convey that they would feel comfortable taking classes with you.

  • Try to describe yourself within short words.
  • Choose the most relevant information to include in your bio, like your teaching certification, a brief description of your ESL teaching experience, and your unique strengths.
  • Your description should be brief, direct, and engaging. Don’t forget to proofread your reports. 
  • Write a professional personal statement, which sets out your experience and teaching style.
  • Use a warm, conversational tone in bio to sound friendly and make students feel more welcome.
  • Mention TEFL/TESOL certificate and other relevant credentials you possess.
  • Show the number of years of teaching experience you have.
  • Briefly explain the classes you specialize in.
  • Do not repeat the same thing again and again.
  • Explain why it would you make a great tutor?
  • Describe your plan to help your students and what would you do during sessions?
  • Mention your knowledge of the curriculum and exam expectations?
  • Write in the first person, i.e. ‘I’ and ‘my’.
  • Display why you are passionate about tutoring.  
  • Include the subjects you are familiar with.


Example of an English Tutor’s Bio

“I am an English Tutor and have been providing teaching services since January, 2014. I am a certified instructor for TOEFL, IELTS, and have done MPhil in Applied Linguistics. I have practiced regular teaching for five years and moved to online teaching TOEFL, IELTS, and linguistics afterward covid-19Besides teaching, I also provide preparation for CAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and competitive exams. To date, I have taught over 500 students for academic exams and over 300 students who appeared in competitive exams. I always focus on students’ creativity through improving his/her reading/writing skills, vocabulary building, critical ability, and logical thinking. I provide detailed feedback to parents/guardians after each month with progress graphs and achievements. That’s why students and parents love to book my lessons.”


Post regularly and engage your viewers with sample lessons

Just one page Profile is not sufficient for a professional Tutor. It should rather be a deep ocean that a student can dive deep into. If you have a blog or lesson on a website or a YouTube channel, make sure all the live links are on your profile.

You must also be regular in posting content and in engaging with your audience. Post your sample lesson to let your student know how you teach. Posting a huge amount of content can make you look too desperate as well. Post weekly or twice in a week to maintain a balance or make a post-timetable according to your leisure time.

You can post your content on our websites for free. We manage and optimize your content and keep that stuff live and accessible to students. Ask your students to provide comments on your lessons. Regularity drives engagement and engagement drives success in most businesses today. Now if you’re already planning to set up the perfect online tutor profile, here is the next step: Explore Worthy Tutors to find tutoring opportunities.


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