Marika Velloo

Marika Velloo

Hi, My name is Marika and I am 34 years old. I enjoy helping students learn something new and witness them excel. I think of the love and responsibility I have towards them and this makes me go beyond what is expected from me. They have an enormous amount of trust in me, hoping they will learn something useful for their professional and personal development. My teaching philosophy is simple. I would describe myself as a positive, energetic and easy going teacher. I have a flexible style of teaching that cater to all students and abilities. I also incorporate fun into my lessons when possible. And while my easy-going style is suitable for many grades, I can also adapt my style to the needs of the students.

Tuition Fee



English, French




TEFL, Degree Holder in Communications


Basic Grammar, Advance Grammar, Spoken English, Creative Writing, ELT/TOEFL

Student Level

O-Level, IELTS, TOEFL, Language Learners

Teaching Experience

Marika Velloo has eight years teaching experience.  




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