karman Naidoo

Karman Naidoo

I am a dedicated ,fun loving, patient ,reliable teacher with a strong passion for mentoring and educating young minds. Holding a TEFL certificate, I have the skills and expertise to teach English as a foreign language to students from diverse backgrounds. I have a love for traveling, reading, and swimming . I like creating engaging and relatable lessons for students. My teaching philosophy centers on the belief that every child has the potential to succeed with the right guidance and support. I am particularly passionate about mentoring kids, fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment that helps students grow academically and personally. My interactive teaching style and commitment to student development have consistently resulted in positive feedback and improved student performance. 

Tuition Fee





South Africa


TEFL Certificate


Basic Grammar, Advance Grammar, ELT/TOEFL, English, IELTS

Student Level

Undergraduate, Competitive Exam Students, Language Learners 

Teaching Experience

Karman Naidoo has two years teaching experience.




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