Difference Between Inter and Intra | Intra vs Inter

difference between inter and intra

Difference Between Inter and Intra | Intra vs Inter

Difference between Intra and Inter

The words “intra” and “inter” are used as prefixes in English. Sometimes, these words sound quite similar and difficult to judge in quick pronunciation. However, the difference of single letter in both words make them different depending on their use. We use both words “intra” and “inter” when we have to associate two or more than two groups (as the use of word inter) or just one group (as the use of word intra). Both relates to describe groups; either inside the group or among the multiple groups.  

Intra and inter, both words are easy to understand. We use word “intra” when we are referring to a certain group. It means “within” or “inside” a certain group. On the other hand, we use the word “inter” when dealing two or more than two groups. It means “between” “amongst” or “amidst”.

What does mean Inter? How to use ‘inter’?

The word “Inter” is used when we are dealing with two or more than two groups. We relate two groups for comparing some characteristics or making a comparative analysis. To signify inclusivity of this word in a sentence, we add the word “inter” as a prefix before the main functioning word. General examples of use of ‘inter’ as a prefix are interdisciplinary, intermediate, intercity, international, etc.

We use it as attached prefix to the root word but sometimes we use hyphen between both words e.g. inter-cultural or inter-city.

Below are the example in sentences to comprehend the word ‘inter’ in context.

  1. The train was launched viva intercity project to facilitate passengers.
  2. The intercultural dress competition will be held on next Monday.
  3. Our team won intercollege hockey match.
  4. The English language emerged as an international language soon after 15th century.

What does mean Intra? How to use ‘intra’?

The word ‘intra’ is less commonly used compared to the word ’inter’. It is an exclusive word. We use it when we talk about the internal composition or parts of a certain group. It signify activity within a specific category. An activity or event held within a certain group; we add prefix intra to the main word. For example, words like intraspecific, intracellular, intrapersonal, describe the characteristics within the boundary of that word. As the word ‘intracellular’ means, the study of related elements within the internal structure of a cell.

Examples of usage of intra in sentences.

  1. The intramural designs engraved inner side of the roof of Sheesh Mahal is the example of exceptional art.
  2. The intramuscular study brought a revolution if the field of medical.
  3. The intrapersonal thoughts differs from a man to man.

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