Chinonso Gene Igwe

Chinonso Gene lgwe

Hi! My name is Chinonso. You can call me Teacher Nonso. I am from Nigeria. I completed my college degree in Economics/ Mathematics Education in 2015 making me a certified teacher. I have been teaching for 9+ years in the classroom and online. I conducted lessons such as Basic Grammar, Spoken English, Pronunciation, and sentence construction. I am kind, patient, responsible, jovial, and lots more. I enjoy meeting new people, learn about their culture and help them improve their English and Elementary Maths skills. I am very happy and proud because I have chosen a profession that makes a difference.

Tuition Fee







Degree in Economics and Mathematics Education


Basic Grammar, Spoken English, Mathematics

Student Level

Primary school students, O-Level, Language Learners

Teaching Experience

I have 9 years teaching experience.




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