Abid Zargar

Abid Zargar

I am from the UK and I have 2 Master’s degrees from Cambridge University, as well as a PGCE in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the University of London. I have worked as a Director and Mathematics lecturer for foundational and undergraduate courses for 20 years in Prince Sultan University. I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to excel in this role and take the online school platform to the next level. I was Academic Director of a group of school in Turkey that included an online school in its portfolio. I was instrumental in establishing curricular policies and improving exams scores. Throughout my career in the Middle East, I have demonstrated a commitment to providing students of all abilities with a high-quality education. I have a strong understanding of best practices in curriculum, teaching and assessment, and I am committed to inspiring high levels of engagement, achievement and progress for all students.

Tuition Fee



English, Arabic




MA, MEng, PGCE in Maths and Natural Sciences as well Chemical Engineering


Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Science Subjects

Student Level

O-Level, A-Level, Undergraduate

Teaching Experience

I have 25 years teaching experience.




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