Spoken English Course

Spoken English Cource

Teaching Mode:

Online (Classes on Zoom)

Course Duration:

30 Days

Class Duration:

01 hour


Monday to Friday

Course Frequency:

Worthy Tutors offer one course each month with limited seats. 

Contents of the Course

Contents of the Course


  1. Introduction to Spoken English:
  • Overview of the importance of spoken English.
  • Basic communication principles.
  • Introduction to common English phrases and expressions.
  1. Foundations of Pronunciation:
  • Vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Common pronunciation challenges.
  • Practice exercises for improving pronunciation.
  1. Building Vocabulary:
  • Everyday vocabulary for various situations (greetings, shopping, travel).
  • Idiomatic expressions and phrases.
  • Word games and activities for vocabulary enhancement.
  1. Grammar in Context:
  • Basic grammar rules for spoken English.
  • Practical usage of tenses in conversation.
  • Common grammatical mistakes and how to avoid them.
  1. Listening and Comprehension:
  • Listening exercises with various accents.
  • Understanding different English accents.
  • Discussion on movies, podcasts, or TED Talks for listening practice.
  1. Speaking Activities:
  • Role-playing scenarios (ordering food, asking for directions).
  • Group discussions on various topics.
  • Debates and persuasive speaking exercises.
  1. Cultural Context and Etiquette:
  • Understanding cultural nuances in English communication.
  • Politeness and etiquette in English-speaking countries.
  • Cross-cultural communication awareness.
  1. Real-life Simulations:
  • Simulated real-life situations (interviews, meetings).
  • Feedback sessions for improvement.
  • Industry-specific vocabulary and phrases.
  1. Public Speaking Tips:
  • Techniques for overcoming stage fright.
  • Structuring effective speeches.
  • Presentation skills and body language.
  1. Continuous Improvement:
  • Self-assessment tools.
  • Setting personal language learning goals.
  • Resources for continuous learning (books, websites, apps).


Content Ideas to Improve Spoken English:


Interactive Dialogues:

Create dialogues for common situations (e.g., at the airport, in a restaurant) and have learners practice them in pairs.

Role-Playing Exercises:

Develop scenarios for role-playing to encourage spontaneous conversation and application of learned skills.

Vocabulary Building Games:

Word association games, crossword puzzles, or flashcards to make vocabulary building fun.

Audio Resources:

Include listening exercises with native speakers, podcasts, and interviews to expose learners to different accents and speech patterns.

Speech Analysis:

Analyze famous speeches or TED Talks together, discussing effective communication strategies.

Real-world Assignments:

Assign tasks like interviewing a native English speaker, creating a vlog, or participating in a language exchange program.