Elinsa Botha

Elinsa Botha

I am an English Tutor and have been providing teaching services since January 2019. I am a certified instructor for TEFL and have completed a BA Honours degree in Tourism Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I have practiced regular teaching for five years and moved to online teaching. I always focus on students’ creativity through improving his/her reading/writing skills, vocabulary building, critical ability, and logical thinking. I provide detailed feedback to parents/guardians after each month. I am very passionate about teaching and to help my students achieve their goals. I love to tailor my lessons according to a student’s level. Be the best you can be. 

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South Africa


TEFL 420hr certificate, BA Hons Tourism Management and PGCE


English Grammar, TEFL, Spoken English

Student Level

Language learners, O-Level

Teaching Experience

Elinsa Botha has 05 years teaching experience.  




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