Zumer Khalid

Zumar Khalid

This is Zumer Khalid, a distinguished educator with a BSc in Computer Science, brings over five years of extensive teaching experience to the academic world. With a profound commitment to fostering intellectual growth, Zumer has adeptly navigated the realms of both online and in-person tutoring. Specializing in a comprehensive range of subjects up to the bachelor’s level, Zumer’s teaching methodology is rooted in clarity, engagement, and a deep understanding of individual learning styles. His passion for knowledge and dedication to student success define his journey as an educator, making him a valued guide in the academic journeys of many.

Tuition Fee



English, Urdu




Bechelor’s in Computer Science


Creative Writing, English, Biology, Science Subjects, IT Subjects

Student Level

O/A Levels, Undergraduate

Teaching Experience

5 Years




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