Premakumar Marththane

Premakumar Marththane

I have completed Masters in Molecular Life Sciences at IBMBB, University of Colombo and a part-time passionate educator with 3 years experience who is fluent in English. I am supporting students in learning and applying complex scientific methods through state curriculum standards. This will lead students to gain overall knowledge and obtain good grades for the state-standardized end-of-course exams. Proficient in using smartboard technologies, presentation technology and multimedia and digital teaching materials to present lesson material. I have strong communication skills and I am following a creative approach to engaging students in studies.

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English, Tamil


Sri Lanka


Masters in Molecular Life Science (Reading) at Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. BSc. in Biomedical Science at Management and Science University of Malaysia.


Chemistry,Biology,Science Subjects

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Teaching Experience

Premakumar Martthane has three years teaching experience. 




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