Elaine Mae Marcelino

Elaine Mae Marcelino
I am Elaine, 38 years old, and a licensed teacher from the Philippines. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Education, along with a TEFL certificate and a TEYL ‘A1’ grade certificate. Since 2014, I have been dedicated to teaching English. My teaching journey has taken me to the UAE, Thailand, and Vietnam. In Thailand and various regions of Vietnam, I have taught at private and public schools, as well as language centers. I have experience working with learners of different ages and levels, ranging from beginners to advanced students from Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and South Korea. Understanding different cultures and learning styles is crucial to me, and I strive to tailor my teaching approach to meet the diverse needs of my students.

Tuition Fee







Child Development and Education TEFL with TEYL


Basic Grammar, Advance Grammar, Spoken English, ELT/TOEFL, Language Learning

Student Level

Primary school students, A-Level, Language learners

Teaching Experience

I have 10 year teaching experience.  




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